Turn your business into a mobile experience that brings customers in and keeps them coming back.

Just imagine…

You’re a Daily Coupon company. You print a postcard with a Toggle.to QR Code. It lives on someone’s fridge. They scan the QR Code each morning. You make it ToggleTo a different deal every day. Imagine more

  • Title 1
  • Title 2
  • Title 3
  • Title 4
  • Create


    Generate unlimited QR Codes for print or web. Record what they are printed on, where they are, and what they link to.

    • Engage the mobile shopper
    • Make print tools interactive
    • Help customers learn, try, and buy
    • Provide better brand experiences
  • Rethink


    Use real-time analytics to track, test, and compare results. Even do A/B and split tests.

    • Find if print & ads perform
    • Know what really works
    • Make better decisions
    • Spend more wisely
  • Relink


    Change what your QR Code links to, even after printing it. Link to a video one day, a text message the next.

    • Keep customers engaged
    • Deliver new daily content
    • Give print a longer shelf life
    • Save print costs and trees